So I went to town to get a bank account. Ended up making an appointment since they were about to close. Decided to walk back.

On the way I passed a sort of hole-in-the-wall, two-woman operation that proclaimed they sold fish and chips. I decided that sounded way better than cooking, so I walked in and noticed on the menu: haggis, with chips (my friends back home know these as fries).

I jumped at the chance to taste this native dish I've heard so much about at last. She fried it up, put it on top of a bed of potato-y goodness, slathered the lot in vinegar and sprinkled salt on top. I threw in a pickled onion, just to complete the junk food glory. I've never had one, but I like pickles and I like onions so I thought what the heck.

I ate the onion first. It was really, really good. The chips were amazing, even better than the ones from the county fair. Finally, I dug into the haggis.

Okay so all the people who teased me about haggis can eat their words because it's freaking yummy. It's kind of like sausage, and kind of like meatloaf, and kind of not like either, and fried in a casing, or is that breading? Maybe it is the sheep-stomach part. I dunno.

No wonder dear old Rabbie Burns died at 37, if this is how he was eating. A delicious meal, but very heavy, and doesn't sit gently on the tummy after-- you need a rest, not something to eat before you go out for a jog for sure. I hadn't eaten lunch at all, but still couldn't even finish the chips after the haggis was gone. I probably could have halved it and saved the rest but I don't know how well it reheats.

I don't think I'll be having it often, but I am not the slightest bit sorry I had it. Verdict: Yum! Tastes like fair food. If you're in Scotland you should definitely try it before you complain that organ meat is way too exotic and sounds yukky.

Um, leave it alone if you can't handle something rich and fried though. My tum will likely tell me stories about this meal tonight. IT WAS WORTH IT.


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