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Walking in Wonder

we might all be the moon, and never know it

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I am a child of the Universe, a product of the 80's, a mystery wrapped in an enigma and surrounded by a sweet candy shell.

I am singular. I contain multitudes. I am smart, wise, and a know-nothing fool. I'm simple in my complexity. In short, I'm just like you, in that I'm myself and nobody else.

I am Storyteller, and these are my stories.

I originally made this journal as a place to share my experiences abroad with family and friends back home, and with new friends I met along the way. But life has a way of changing one's plans. I never ended up updating very frequently, as it turns out family and friends weren't as interested in this method of keeping up to date on my adventures. Now I'm wondering what to do with the account. I guess we'll see soon enough!
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