Um. Wow.

I'm leaving. The country. In the morning. First time on a plane by myself. First time overseas. First time away from the family and friends where they really, seriously, are NOT in reach. Out on my own. I won't even have my dog Eppy, who has been my fur-shadow for the better part of ten years now.

I'm so excited. And it seems very fitting, as a budding folklorist, for me to be making this journey. So many old stories talk of the protagonist "going out into the world to seek their fortune." I AM GOING OUT INTO THE WORLD TO CREATE MY PLACE IN IT.

This is so awesome and scary and amazing and neato and just HOLY FREAKING CRAP YOU GUYS.

Also, I hope I am someday able to be the sort of person who doesn't like to mark their personal space with artifacts and colors and things, and can just live comfortably with a toothbrush and a clean shirt, because packing was a freaking nightmare. We didn't even have time to bake a pie.

Also also, this immunity mix-it-in-water drink, which was "designed by a teacher!" and tastes like something that ought to star in a B horror flick titled The Return of the Revenge of Tang, is the most vile swill I've ingested in a long time. If I should so much as sniffle after this public transport adventure, thus rendering said ingestion a futile endeavor, I will find this teacher, and I will pour a bottle of the junk on her head.


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