So much to say, but too much tired to say it all! Just a quick update until I have some breathing space to type something proper.

I am sorry for my absence from the 'net since Saturday!

The internet was not working here in the dorms for some time. It was really something to discover how dependent the world at large and specifically myself is on the internet. I was isolated from my family and friends, unable to do some important things for school and unable to tell everyone I was okay. Also, at night, if I wasn't ready to sleep yet things were a bit dull. ;)

OH MY GOODNESS so much to tell... this is the best decision I've ever made for my life, just ever. I am in love with Scotland.

I am the only girl in my flat! The only American in the dorm! The only full time Folklore student! There's tons of international students here which is super awesome neat. I am loving sharing information about all our countries together. So much is different here but I'm shocked by how much is the same. I am going to look up a good biscuit recipe... THERE ARE NO BISCUITS HERE. Holy crap. They call hard crispy cookies (like Oreos, which exist here) "biscuits" and what I know as a biscuit does not exist. Which is sad because it's one of my fave foods. I'm going to ask my mom if she will send me some Bisquik!

So far my best friends are Rachel from England and Bom from Thailand, though I'm also finding Paul to be a nice and very interesting fellow, he's originally from Oxford if I remember aright.

Everyone seems fairly friendly and likable though I think some people are surprised by my enthusiasm. That's predictable though, happened in the States all the time. ;)

My one wish is that there were more post-graduate students. Other than that it's wicked awesome. Do not get me wrong, the undergrads are all wonderful, lovely young ladies and gents. I enjoy their company. But it's not quite the same as people who are in your same situation and share your life experience... even older undergrads at least have that comfort with student life to the point that they, you know, loosen up a bit... the folks here mostly have that freshman stiffness where they're not quite sure how much of themselves they're willing to let on to others yet, how much to let go... that place where you realize it's okay to get silly, you'll still be able to be serious again later when you need/want to.

So, as you can see, some things are just the same the world over. Like Starbucks. You can't escape it!

I got a job as a warden, which is their name for a resident assistant, basically. I was really happy and excited and grateful to get offered the job! For one, I will really need the money. For another, it'll be a great way to keep busy and involved, and I think that having the responsibility to look after others will keep my mind from any thoughts of possible homesickness.

Though homesickness hasn't been such a big deal, truth be told. Sure, I've had an episode here and there (which I expected), but I cry for a minute and then I'm done. There's too much to love about what I'm doing, too much excitement about my future, to invest much involvement in moping.

Today we went to the main campus at Glasgow. Oh my. I admit I experienced some jealousy. I had to remind myself all the advantages of going to the smaller campus, and how much I am looking forward to my folklore program! The big campus is SHINY. And oh my, so busy! I think you wouldn't have an instant's lonesomeness in a place like that. I see why my pal Michael counts it as his favorite city in the world, it's just hopping, exactly the place for a people person like him.

The jury's still out but I think that I might prefer Edinburgh. Glasgow seems like it'd be a fun and exciting place to live for a bit, but as far as livable long-term, I'm thinking the general size and pace of Edinburgh is the perfect balance between the bustling megalopolis of Glasgow and the sleepy small-town feel of beautiful Dumfries.

Bla bla bla. And what a pack of disjointed thoughts complete with shitty writing this all was. But I just needed to ramble some kind of update so you all know I'm doing great and not in fact dead. Also I dunno how to cut DW and can't be arsed to look it up just now, so Wall Of Text is yours free with purchase today!

It's ten here, and I'm beat. More later. I may or may not edit or otherwise lock this post... this was supposed to be something of a nicely-written thing, you know, keeping appearances up for the folks back home. ;)

CHEERS, (lots of people say that here)
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